Migration Journey on the Cloud

As you might have noticed, the CDN provider of this blog has been changed to Bunny CDN. It’s a CDN provider from Slovenia, a country in Central Europe. Furthermore, it has a satisfying performance according to CDNPerf website.

CDNPerf Performance Report

In the meanwhile, I also chose Sendinblue as my transactional email service, BlazingCDN as a backup CDN, Scaleway as my cloud computing service, Better Stack as my status page service. The reason to pick digital products from Europe is that they give you a feeling of respecting your privacy at first sight. And some of them are cost-effective than providers from other places.

But before migrating data to those providers, I have to address that there are still some flaw among their services. Like serverless function service from one cloud provider, I tried two days, but failed to make Rust function to be built successfully on their platform. One CDN service could not handle video generated by Emby correctly. The origin server sent a whole image, but CDN server were unable to transit the complete data to the end user. While other CDN does not have this issue.

Anyway, you should consider the advantages and drawbacks of using services from Europe. If you want to find a complete solution provider, you may like Azure or AWS more. But if you plan to find a place for your cloud infrastructure, why not have a try?

Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0