Why I Switch From Netbird to Tailscale

Last year, I used NetBird to create an inner network with WireGuard VPN. That really provides me with easier network management and safer access control. However, I started to switch to Tailscale recently. Here’s why.

Why is NetBird no longer suitable for me?

  • NetBird is under actively development, in most perspective, it’s a good thing. This means they really care about it, and paid many attentions to it. That’s what we should appreciate with. But this also means their version iteration is fast, I don’t have much willing to log in to every server and do an upgrade.
  • Since NetBird 0.20 version, I could not use it on my Windows 11 machine to connect to other Linux machine. I’m uncertain if it’s because I have many versions running on different machines. So, I must downgrade to 0.18, and it works.
  • NetBird is not ready for IPv6, at least when I use it. If you have IPv6 only VPS, NetBird could not connect to the TURN server.
  • No Android app yet.

How about Tailscale?

I have been using it since a week ago. It means work well. It supports IPv6, free plan supports more devices, the desktop UI can see all devices’ IP. But there are also drawbacks:

  • You should use a third-party login by default, I want to log in with my email of my domain.
  • No NetBird’s route feature, you cannot easily access your school network or work network by only a few clicks.

I will update this post when I find anything new.